Instrument that combines best aspects of real & synth basses

  • Combines sound of synthesizer basses with life and dynamic action of acoustic/electric instruments
  • 8 different basses. Each with 4 different articulations + 2 “x” articulations
  • Easy to use interface that is both flexible and deep for making your own sounds
  • Lots of different effects and options for modifying the sounds
  • Includes more than 240 presets
  • Can be used for making great and unique sounding 808-style basses with lively character and articulations

Normally 79€. Now for a limited time for an introductory price of only 29€.
(+VAT if in Europe).     Requires full version of Kontakt 5.5 or newer.

The Sound

RSB – short for “real synth bass” – is a new kind of instrument that combines dynamic playability and organic, alive movement of sound as well as various articulations of real bass guitars with sound signature of synthesizer basses.

The resulting sound is characteristic of synthesizer bass, yet feels alive and has non-linear, natural dynamics similar to acoustic and electric instruments.

While this is most emphasized with dynamic playing, even holding a single note has a special kind of organic movement & feel not found on traditional synthesizers resulting in a sound that is unique to RSB.

RSB works great with live instruments and in band context, but is equally at home with sequenced music where the organic sound with round robin samples and humanizing options adds a lot of life to sequenced songs.

All instruments & articulations – No presets – One Bassline

Swanky & its presets – DFLT -> all articulations -> presets

Edgar & its presets – DFLT -> all articulations -> presets

808-style presets – multiple instruments & articulations

No external effects are used on RSB on these demos, not even on master channel. Just pure sound.


RSB includes 8 different instruments each consisting of 4 different main articulations: DFLT, SLAP, PALM, STAB.
DLFT and SLAP articulations also have their own x-articulations, which are shorter sounds inspired by playing dead notes on a bass guitar.

That makes 48 different sampled sounds, which all sound great on their own, but are made in a way that different articulations for any given instrument fit well together, so that they can be used together for one bassline or for different parts of the song.
For example, how about a bassline that combines mellower PALM articulation with brighter, punchier SLAP articulation to accent and draw listeners attention to specific notes. Or having DFLT playing through most of the song with DFLT-X notes sprinkled in, while SLAP together with STAB handles the solos and PALM takes care of the bridge.

Different articulations can be chosen based on conditions such as velocity, modwheel, sustain pedal etc. or by using keyswitches.
Keyswitches also enable more than one articulation to be played at the same time.
Settings page also allows for setting levels for different articulations and choosing how much velocity and key position affect the volume.

Settings Page

Keyboard - blue is the sampled range, green is extended range, red is keyswitches, and black means that samples are purged from memory

Flexible interface for making your own sounds

Main page with filters, eq, unison & more

Main page is where the most commonly used parameters are found. From there they can be easily accessed to make either subtle or drastic changes the sound.

There are 3 different lowpass filters: daft; a digital filter with interesting character, analog (which is actually the pro-53 filter for those who know) with a beefy low end, and last, but definitely not the least, ladder which can be set to 6, 12, 18 or 24db cutoff. Filters are good for simply darkening the sound while adding a little bit of character or -with the help of filter envelope- for morphing the sound into something new. The great thing is that RSB still retains the organic, real instrument like character even when heavily filtered.

In addition to filter there is Shaper; a transient shaper used for shaping the sound without losing the organic dynamics, Equalizer, Glide with several options, Unison with up to 7 voices, and vibrato, which has 3 different shapes and fade in and can also be set to tremolo or autopan or even all three at the same time.

While RSB is already way more organic sounding than traditional synthesizers this can be even further emphasized in the humanizer screen, where the level is set between real and simulated round robins and a bit of additional variation can be added with humanized micro-tuning, eq, shaper and release. Also, especially effective for programmed sequences and loops, timing and velocity can be randomized.

Effects page with loads of effects

RSB comes with lots of different effects. In addition to shaper, eq, and filters accessible from the front page, there are 13 additional effects on effects page.

These include: Vowel & formant filters, phaser, flanger, chorus, tube amp, overdrive, rotary, cabinets, two types of tape saturation, limiter, and finally a delay.

Effects page, along with what is offered on the main page, can be used for anything between subtly changing the sound to morphing it to something almost unrecognizable from the original sample without losing its organic, nonlinear character. Listen to the preset demos and the 808 demo to get an idea of what is possible.

Of course you are also free to use your own plugins for modifying the sounds for even greater variability. Great and unique results can be achieved with the use of 3rd party effects.

Main Page Filter

  • Main Page Vibrato
  • Main Page Vibrato
  • Effects Page Cabinet
  • Effects Page Tube Amp

Effects Page Formant Filter

9th instrument for free

RSB-Free is a 9th instrument given for free.

All of the 9 different instruments are unique, so this free one gives you one more flavor of the RSB sound to try and use, while the paid version gives you total of 8.

The interface -effects, filters, etc.- are exactly the same for the free product as they are for the paid one.

I hope you enjoy this free gift, whether you buy the full RSB or not. Click the button to add to cart.

System Requirements

  • Full version of Kontakt 5.5 or newer
  • RSB requires 10.4GB of free disk space
  • RSB-Free requires 1.4GB of free disk space
  • Both RSB and RSB free use Kontakts lossless ncw compression to reduce disk usage