Terms & Conditions

Requires Full Version of Kontakt

By purchasing a license for any Soundventor product currently available, you understand and accept that you have to use and be able to run full version of Kontakt 5.5 or newer made by Native Instruments in order to use it and enough disk space to install the libraries. Disk space requirements can be found on RSB page.

Native Instruments is not associated with Soundventor or this site in any way.

License Agreement

By purchasing a license for any Soundventor product or by downloading any product whether free or paid, you accept the following end-user license agreement (EULA) for the product:

• The products are licensed, not sold, to the customers. The license for each purchased or downloaded product is granted for single user only. No unlicensed use is permitted.

• This license grants use of the product and sounds for commercial and non-commercial music production, live performance, theatre, musicals, video game development, movie soundtracks or for similar finished content creation. Crediting Soundventor is not required.

• This license expressly forbids any Soundventor library to be used in the production of any commercial or freely distributed sample library, sound effect library or virtual instrument without written permission by Soundventor.

• Uploading any Soundventor product, or any of the sounds and samples contained to any file sharing site, torrent site or server is forbidden.

• You are not allowed to copy, distribute, loan, lease or sell products or any part of the products including soundsets without written consent by Soundventor.

• The license to use the products and the sounds is for the license holder only. Licenses cannot be transferred, traded, sold, given or leased to another person or entity without written consent by Soundventor. Refer to the Soundventor License Transfer Policy for more information. It can be found further down this page.

• Use of this product and any supplied or associated software or data is at the licensee’s own risk. By installing the product, you accept sole liability and full responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damages arising from the purchase, installation or any use of this product. Soundventor is not responsible for any claims or damages whatever they may be and however they may be caused.

• Soundventor does not guarantee that the software will meet the users’ requirements, or be completely free of errors, or that those possible errors will be corrected.

• Soundventor reserves the right to change this license agreement without notice.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of the products, Soundventor cannot and does not offer refunds if your account shows that the product has been downloaded. By purchasing and downloading any of the offered products, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the product description as well as all product requirements and prerequisites, and therefore agree with this Refund Policy.

Therefore all sales are considered final, except for the one and only exception in which you have purchased the product and have not downloaded it within 30 days of the purchase and want the order cancelled and refunded for some reason. In this case and in this case only, Soundventor offers possibility for a refund by contacting support within 30 days of purchase, but requires that the product has not yet been downloaded. Otherwise, as stated above, all sales are final.

To put it in terms that are simple to understand, unfortunately Soundventor cannot offer refunds if the product has been already downloaded, since dishonest people could take advantage of that by keeping both the product and the money.

This information is also duplicated in the Refund Policy page: Refund Policy

License Transfer Policy

Most companies selling sample libraries do not offer possibility for a license transfer. Soundventor does not encourage license transfers, but does offer them if the following conditions are met.

• Both license seller and buyer contact Soundventor Support individually.

• Seller vowes to delete the product from every computer he has installed it to and to no longer use or let others use the product.

• Seller vowes to not have the product featured on any future releases whether commercial or non-commercial.

• Seller pays a 50 euro license transfer fee to Soundventor.

• The buyer makes an account at Soundventor website.

Soundventor retains right to change this policy without giving any notice. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the license transfer fee or cancelling license transfers all together. The changes will come into effect, the moment they are posted to this page.

Privacy Policy

To view our privacy policy concerning the use of the website, please use the following link:

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